Roof Shed | Best Roof Shed Designs by Tata Structura

Roof Shed Structures

Roof structures also known as roof sheds are structures that cover the top portion of a house. A sturdy roof plays an important role of protecting the home building and the people from harsh climatic conditions such as direct heat and changing weather conditions. Furthermore, a roof reduces the thermal load on the topmost floor - keeping the structure cooler.


Roof structures have been built in various styles using different materials ranging from wood to concrete and steel. In recent times steel roof structures have gained immense popularity and pose several advantages.

Let’s have a look at the advantages

  • Robust
  • Light weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Eco Friendly
  • Formable in any shape


A roof shed is an element of prime importance and should be built using materials of superior quality and standard.


Roof Structure Design

There are various types of roofs can be designed and built using Tata Structura’s hollow steel sections. Well-designed roofs are not only strong but also compliment and accentuate the overall design.


Some of the roof shed designs that you can pick from Tata Structura’s catalogue are as follows.

  • Clay Tile Roofing


Clay tile roofs have been around since centuries and are a go to option while building a terrace roof shed. Furthermore, they are made with terracotta and are typically used as primary roofs in homes. They possess several advantages over other roof forms. Some of them are

  • Cost effective
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Temperature regulation
  • Traditional & Aesthetic appeal
  • Rot resistance


Clay tile roofs can be used for primary roofing. i.e. the residents can use the space beneath as regular living space. The clay tile roofing can be used in buildings having only a ground floor or even on top of buildings having 3 floors.


They can be built using either of the following frames

  • Dutch Gable
  • Hip and Valley
  • Hip Roof

Metal Sheet Roofing

Metal sheet roofing has gained immense popularity in the last few years. They are predominantly used in residential structures for secondary roofing to prevent direct sunlight and rain water affecting the primary roofing. The metal sheets used in the roofing can be either GI coated or even colour coated based on the design requirement.


A metal sheet roof shed for home can be built using different frames-

  • Lean-to frames
  • A-type frames
  • Dutch gable
  • Hip & Valley


Some Of the Advantages of Metal Sheet Roofing are:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable


Owing to their strength and durable nature Tata Structura Z+ hollow steel sections have a variety of external uses especially in highly corrosive environments. The 360 GSM of zinc coating in Tata Structura provides a sacrificial as well as barrier protection to the structural members. Tata Structura Z+ applications range from window and door frames & grills to railings, roof covers, parking sheds, pergolas and fences for residential and commercial structures.


There are several types of roof sheds and roofing materials available in the market. Some of the most commons roof types and materials being Dutch-gable roof, Hip roof, Flat roof, A-type framed roof & Lean-to roofs. Roofing like curved roof & gambrel roofs are also present.

The selection of the roof type depends on factors such as:

  • a) Geographical location
  • b) Climatic conditions
  • c) Desired look and feel
  • d) Easy workability
  • e) Installation & maintenance cost

Roof shed is one of the most prominent components of residential/ commercial structure. It is the outermost cover that serves as a layer of protection against extreme climatic conditions and varying temperature. In addition to the above mentioned, roof help in maintaining steady interior temperature which in turn cuts down energy consumption and maintenance cost.

A well-designed roof elevates the overall appearance of the structure alongside increasing a home’s value when it comes to renting and selling.

The style and the type of roof that works best depends on the geographical location and the climate prevalent in the area. Asphalt shingles, metal and slate are a few roof materials that are apt for regions that receive heavy rainfall.

Roofs build with metals such as steel are extremely ideal as they work well in both hot and cold climates. Additionally, they reflect heat during summers and keep the homes cool, are easy to maintain, aren’t susceptible to rot & moulds, are highly durable and can be customized to elevate the overall look & feel.

Roof shed built with superior quality steel have become extremely popular in the recent past. Roof shed with steel frames made using steel hollow sections are ideal as they offer good strength, durability at economical cost. The choice of covering can vary from steel sheets, polycarbonate sheets and clay or ceramic tiling.

Some of the evident reasons for the immense reach and popularity of steel roof structures are as follows:

  • a) Light weight
  • b) Everlasting durability as they are rust proof
  • c) Easy Installation
  • d) Eco Friendly
  • e) Low maintenance
  • f) Enhance the overall look and feel of the structure
  • g) Bounce back heat during summers
  • h) Help in regulating interior room temperature

There are several factors that need to be assessed before building a garden on the roof shed. The first step is to ensure that the building is strong enough to withstand the overall weight and the wall are load bearing. Secondly, the roof shed should be waterproof.

Roofs with a pitch greater than 20 degrees must be divided up into multiple boxes to stop the growing medium from slipping off or sloshing away in wet weather. Roofs with a slope greater than 30 degrees are not suitable for building a green garden.