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Tubes SBU

Tata Steel - Tubes Strategic Business Unit (SBU) was established in 1985 after the merger of the erstwhile Indian Tube Company Limited with Tata Steel. Over the years, Tubes SBU has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of welded pipes in the country, with an installed production capacity of over 4,50,000 MT per annum.

With continuous expansion and growth propositions on the anvil, Tubes SBU presently has three main lines of business -

  • Commercial Tubes - These are used for the conveyance segment and sold under the brand name of 'Tata Pipes'
  • Structural Tubes - These are for the construction segment and sold under the brand name of 'Tata Structura'
  • Precision Tubes - These are for the Automotive, Boiler and Engineering segments

Tubes SBU manufactures commercial, structural and precision tubes at its two plants, namely, the Standard Tubes Plant and the Precision Tubes Plant. The plants are equipped with state-of-the-technology and a high degree of customisation is achieved through a comprehensive plant modernisation programme involving up-gradation of the plant, technology and process control.

Business excellence and customer satisfaction are at the core of Tubes SBU's operating principles. The Unit functions efficiently through an organised network of sales offices across the country along with the marketing headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. It reaches out to its vast and varied customer base with the best quality products that are achieved through continuous improvement processes and ensure optimum customer satisfaction.