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Strength, durability, ease of bending and suited for welding, the uses of Tata Structura are immense for home builders. Tata Structura products are ideal in the construction of fences, railings and furniture amongst other uses.

New Product Launched

Tata Structura Z+ is a brand of high quality galvanized steel tubes for structural applications from Tubes SBU, Tata Steel.


Home Builder Retail Product Details

Tata Structura steel hollow sections are available in three categories -

The thickness of these steel hollow sections vary from 1.6 mm to 2.9 mm, depending on what application the tubes would service. Each steel hollow sections features a high strength to weight ratio that results in savings in steel and costs. The sections are best suited for welding, are corrosion resistant and easily bendable which leads to the shaping and construction of aesthetically appealing structures without comprising on strength and durability.

Quality and Certification

Tata Structura steel hollow sections are manufactured using only high quality pure steel HR coils. Circular tubes conform to IS: 3601 and IS: 1161 standards while square and rectangular tubes conform to IS: 4923 standards. A test certificate is provided for every lot of Tata Structura steel hollow sections.

Product Range Availability

Tata Structura Square Hollow Sections

Tata Structura Rectangular Hollow Sections

Tata Structura Circular Hollow Sections

Product Parameters and Features

Length 6 m, tolerance +/-50 mm
End Finish Plain Burr Free end
Surface Finish Black surface finish without any treatment
Raw Material High Quality Hot Rolled (HR) coils of Tata Steel
Identification Marking of “Tata Structura” emblem on all the tubes along with BIS mark
Specifications IS: 3601 & IS: 1161 for Circular, IS: 4923 for Square and Rectangle tubes
Quantity Weight tolerance +/-10 %